There's a difference, albeit subtle, between being ready to "Rise Up" out of ditch you fell down in, versus being prepared for it. Take, for instance, the fella

in the Book of John who was paralyzed and at the pool of Bethesda. He was ready to be healed, but he wasn't prepared for the healing that would happen.

We know that he was ready to be healed because he sat at the pool for thirty-eight years. We know that he was ready to be out of that debilitating space

because he explicitly communicated such. We know that he was ready to "Rise Up" from the situation he fell down in because he had pain too apparent to

conceal...yet too secret to reveal. This man was ready for change, but he wasn't prepared for it. He wasn't prepared for all of the responsibilities that came along

with the change. He wasn't prepared for how, after being complacent for thirty-eight years, to "Rise Up" would radically re-create his life. It's like some people who

have the notion of winning the lottery to cure-all for those who will hit the super-duper-mega-colossal Powerball. people who play are always ready to hit it. But a closer

look often shows that they haven't thought completely through what it would really look like. They haven't thought through the emotional, mental and/or even the spiritual texture of what it would actually feel or be to inherit the mo' problems that come with mo' money. Hence, the reason most lottery winners are bankrupt within a few years after inheriting their windfall. Anything that you aren't prepared for - i.e. given copious thought about and deliberate consideration on how the fill-in-the-blank would affect your life - you will eventually miscarry. In the same sense that prenatal care prepares a woman for producing life on this side of Heaven, your diligence in the actions you are taking is the prenatal care to carry your pregnancy to term and properly nurture its life thereafter. Again preparation requires foresight, thought. preparation is not anything so much coincidental, but deliberate in the effort to succeed and accomplish all that you set out to task. You prepare for marriage, you prepare to become the C.E.O. of the business, you prepare for a promotion, you prepare for the game, you prepare for parenting, you prepare for the wedding, you prepare for the party, you prepare to accept the position, you prepare to submit the proposal, you prepare for all that you are walking in the direction towards. In other words, preparation is about the in-between steps you are going to take in order to situate yourself where your vision takes you!. When you maximize attention. You Minimize distractions. President Obama for example when he was in the white house he preferred to wear variations of blue or grey suits.

Another account is of an accomplished Syrian military general by the name of Naaman who happened to be leprous. When he consulted with the Hebrew prophet Elisha for a healing prescription, Elisha told him to "dip in the Jordan River seven times" to become clean. The plurality of times Naaman dipped in indicative of (1) patients in the process, (2) commitment to change (3) faith developing, and (4) comfortability in new performance(s). The repetition in the above serves two points. The first is not to grow frustrated at something you don't see changing immediately. Elijah's servant didn't know on which attempt he would notice a difference but kept at it until he saw a change. Look for gradual growth rather than the dramatic kind. The "little cloud, the size of a man's hand" encourages us to see before-and-after improvements in the actions we take towards our "RISE UP" Everything isn't going to happen all-at-once, and you'd be prudent to catalog this. You don't grow up all-at-once, complete school or your daily all-at-once. There are certain things that you are going to have to keep at in order to complete the process. The second thing to learn is, the longer you keep at something, and the more consistent you are about your process, the more you will train yourself to develop new behaviors and re-frame your thinking. It takes approximately 21 times for you to become comfortable with a new behavior another 21 times before it becomes habitual. Aside from what's been mentioned, you have a responsibility to do, based on the fact that you are. You competed against millions of other tadpole-like sperm to enter the winner's circle of your mother's womb. There is not, hasn't been, nor ever will be another you in all life; God hand-selected you to be here! You are here not to take up space, not to be idle, not as a fixture, but to get something accomplished by which only your uniqueness has the capability to do. Jesus said. "Blessed are the doers." and I know you know that "Faith without works is me your faith without action, and I'll show you my faith by the action I take." Information without operation is pointless; in order to "RISE UP" in this area, it's imperative to move in the direction of what you have an understanding of. "Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally."

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