Welcome to (GBCI) Prison/Re-Entry Ministry


Greater Bibleway Church International (GBCI) Prison and Re-Entry ministry are Bringing hope and compassion to men, women, and Juveniles incarcerated around the world, as well those who are on probation and or in need of re-entry needs. We know that God alone is able to truly change a person`s life, no matter their past offenses or crimes. Whether a person is in prison or not, without Christ, everyone is in bondage to sin, the enemy, and the fallen world.

The prison and re-entry ministry of (GBCI) exist to serve the greater purposes of God, which is to set the captives free through the message of the cross. The ministry provides a host of services in order to help those who have been forgotten we serve those who are in local, state and federal prison system to include juvenile halls, teaching, preaching, training, equipping, encouraging those who are incarcerated and unable to hear the Word or have fellowship otherwise.

We provide many many services to those who are being released back into society in order to reduce the return rate and to bring those back into society as productive citizens. The volunteers in this ministry are competent, compassionate, and consistent in their lives and witness of Jesus Christ to those who are outcast in society those whom Jesus loved to befriend. If you are hoping to volunteer for this work or have someone in prison please connect with us by sending an e-mail to our corp. office with your information as well sends us the information on prisoners who need our help (GBCIV) CEO YNL provides courses taught by leading experts including professors, human resource/job placement professionals, investors, etiquette experts, personal finance experts, as well as character and personal development experts.

The program includes rigorous and extensive assignments that require in-depth thinking planning and writing. Participant`s deliverables include:

  • Resume/Cover Letter
  • Personal Statement
  • Linkedin Profile Worksheet
  • References
  • Business Plan For Your New Life: 20+ page comprehensive reentry plan.
  • Ideation Worksheet: generate specific and realistic business ideas.
  • Self-Limiting/Self-Freeing Beliefs: Identify negative beliefs and formulate self-freeing beliefs that support changing past patterns of behavior.
  • Consequence Trails: Identify specific consequences that result from temptations
  • Eulogy
  • Personal SWOT Analysis: Increase self-awareness that relates to their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and will help them achieve identified goals.
  • Meaningful Apology
  • Business Concept Summary: Summary of new business concept, including mission, opportunity analysis, product description, target market, and startup investment.
  • Business Pitch