Welcome to (GBCI) Music & Arts Ministry

The Music and Arts Ministry (MAAM) at (GBCI) is a support entity to enhance all the ministries of the Greater Bibleway Church International. From our worship service and church-wide productions to the community and global outreach projects. we strive to bring the same high-caliber artistic excellence whenever we are called to serve. If you are an experienced professional in the Creative Arts and want to contribute your time and talents, please contact us. We`re always looking for qualified volunteers who truly enjoy their work and would love to serve others.

  • Alpha Visual Art`s
  • Armourbearers
  • Bells Of Glory
  • Children Music and Art`s
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Gideon 300
  • Golden Gospel
  • GBCI Orchestra
  • GBCI Marching Band/Concert
  • GBCI Praise Team
  • Spirit Of David
  • Spoken Word
  • Stage Production
  • Student Music and Art`s Ministry
  • Women Of Worship
  • Young Adult Music and Art`s
  • GBCI Film and Entertainment Partnership


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