Flowing out of the Haitian earthquake of 2010, many are still homeless and children are often abandoned and left to die. Without caring Christians reaching out to provide housing, food, clothing, and formation, these children`s future is uncertain. (GBCI) has partnered on the ground such as the Good Shepherd Orphanage in the capital of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is currently home to 14 children from ages two to midteens and each and every day we are growing and reaching more kids.

Those interested in being a part must have a love for children and the ability to work with those who have experienced trauma. Children are often abandoned and at times have been left for dead. providing a caring, nurturing, healthy environment is essential to raising up these children for a bright future. You could be part of teaching English to the children in the orphanage, helping teach sanitation and personal hygiene practices, organize and participate in extra-curricular activities, child-care services, skill and vocational training, food distribution, and general care of the children.

You can donate funds to help as well to build other facilities.

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