Q. What do you mean when you say, Greater Bibleway Church International?
"Church" simply means that (GBCI) is not affiliated with a particular denomination, and all doctrines are based on the Word Of God.

Q. What does (GBCI) has to offer children and youth?
Our children’s and youth ministries are second to none we have programs and opportunities for children and youth around the world.  In order to meet their needs, whatever they may be, contact the church for our online children’s and youth announcements.

Q. Which Pastor will be preaching at my service?
Bishop Toris T. Young rotates at all services and when not available he appoints qualified capable preachers to deliver fresh manna from God.

Q. How long have Bishop Toris Young been pastor of (GBCI)?
Bishop Young has pastored (GBCI) since 2002 to current we have seen growth in all area`s of this church around the world.

Q. How long did it take you to walk in your calling?
"I was planning after graduation to do Pre-Med at Xavier University and still figure out how I could do ministry at the same time. So I gave up the Medical idea and went directly to the theology at Yale and focused on (theology, ethics, and culture). Once I left Yale and went to Union and Baptist Christian College and had the opportunity to work with Professor Vincent Harding a close associate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was my mentor and a historian. I got a Job with Chrysler credit Corporation and learn a lot about finance and running a corporation.

Q. How did growing up in a family involved in the fight for civil rights impact your life?
It had a huge impact on me. I grew up believing it was the call of the church to make an impact in the immediate community and in the world. I also grew up thinking most churches were highly into the community and politically active. It wasn't until I got to college and realized that there were some churches that didn`t engage at all and was not part of their theology. There were other churches that didn`t have any concept of prophetic ministry they thought prophetic ministry was telling the future versus speaking truth to power. That was a shocker to me growing up knowing John Lewis, Coretta Scott King, Daddy King, Otis Moss Jr. and Wyatt T. Walker. Every person involved in organizing the Civil Rights movement was part of our extended family and they were connected to the church. I thought it was normal until I went to college. I assumed the only way you could love Jesus was to demonstrate your love instead of speaking your love. Demonstrate it through how you love those who were the most vulnerable in the community. I did not know there were other concepts in the Black church.

Q. How can I obtain a copy of today`s messages or other messages preached by the Pastors?
Media may be purchased after each service or crusade, online at our website or at the Toris T. Young Ministries Store located on the grounds of each of our campuses. You may also place orders by contacting the church.

Q. What should I do to become a member of (GBCI)?


  • Step One: Believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and that He arose again from the dead.
  • Step Two: Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of your life.
  • Step Three: Make your confession and beliefs known by walking down the aisle during the invitation to Discipleship or by calling or e-mailing our Elders and missionary team letting them know of your decision.
  • Step Four: Attend New Members Orientation classes, which are held the first Saturday in each month as well online for our International members and partners.

Q. What is a NLG?
NLG is short for Next Level Group. Next level Groups are adult bible studies that meet during our morning services and are designed to take you to the next level in your walk with Christ.

Q. Will you baptize my baby?

A. No, but we will dedicate your child to the Lord. We believe that baptism is for those who wish to make a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ. Baptism is not necessary for someone to go to heaven. The forgiveness of sins is the only requirement to gain access to heaven. The forgiveness has been offered freely to all through the sacrifice Jesus made when He died on the cross. Baptism is something we do because Jesus has asked us to do it to identify us with Him

Q. What is AGAPE?
AGAPE is our International Fellowship of pastors and churches who desire to be spiritual, mentored and/or coached by Bishop Toris T. Young and (GBCI) who is the Senior Pastor Of (GBCI). AGAPE was birthed out of (GBCI) annual pastors and     Church leaders Conference, which draws thousands of ministry leaders from the United States Of America, Canada, Europe, Caribbean Africa, Japan, Korea and Mexico. Many of these leaders have developed a love and respect for Bishop Young and (GBCI) through our International network and other tools used to provide resources and communication to them.

Q. What is Social justice to (GBCI)?
The Social Justice Ministry at (GBCI), is an important part of ministry as it relates to those who have been left out and even forgotten, With Civil Rights in the DNA of Bishop Young this ministry is at the front of what (GBCI) is all about. We are here to serve one another, and our neighbors with the goal of proclaiming the sacredness and divinity of all humans.This practice is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ in and throughout the New Testament and particularly in Mathew the 25th chapter. Because (GBCI) is a social justice ministry also involves movement towards a society where all members are physically, psychologically and spiritually safe and secure, where individuals are able to develop their full capacities and interact democratically with others, and where the distribution of resources is more equitable and reflective of common humanity. Our goal is to transform in order to lead collective action toward a just society for all. 

Q. What is the policy to meet with the Bishop?
Bishop Young has an open door policy and all is welcome to meet with Him as  time deems, However, He has a team of qualified Elder and Deacons to meet the needs of (GBCI) and it`s members, But yes He has an open door policy to serve all   It shows the world that we have passed from death to life because of our faith in Jesus. In the Bible we do not see babies being baptized, what we do see is children being dedicated to God. We have a dedication service a once a month and as requested by parents. For more information contact pastoral services.

Q. How often do (GBCI) have communion?
The Bible teaches us to practice communion until Christ returns. It does not instruct us on how often that should happen. Our intention is to do this regularly but not to often that it becomes routine or repetitious, so we observe communion at least once a month. Communion is a time to look forward to His return. The elements of communion whether bread, cracker, grape juice or wine; simply represent Christ`s body bruised and beaten and His blood shed in our place. We welcome everyone in attendance who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ`s sacrifice on the cross for salvation to join us in communion whether a member of our church or not.

Q. Are you part of a denomination?
No, Greater Bibleway Church International is a non-denominational church. We have a board of directors led by the Bishop of the church ("episcopal governing") this board govern and make decisions for the church. Large decisions like selling property or expanding buildings and the yearly budget are brought before the bishop and is determined by a board of 25 persons and authorized or veto by the Bishop. All church affairs are covered at our yearly meeting which all active members in good standing may attend.

Q. How do you make decisions as a church?
We entrust our board of Directors and the leadership of our Bishop to make decisions, We as well entrust various committees to make decisions and report them back to the Bishop for final approval. Such as missions committee and a benevolence committee.