In this groundbreaking new book, Bishop Toris T. Young, reveals a simple yet profound truth: with insight
​as you control your success or failure on your life journey.

Destiny is a predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control. It is somebody`s preordained future: the apparently predetermined and inevitable series of events that happen to somebody or something. The destination is the place where one is going or is directed. Everyone has a destiny in The Most High God. Thing`s for which he/she was created to accomplish in between our birth on earth, and our transition from earth to glory.

Everyone has made error`s in judgment, said irreversible things, or simply committed mistakes that we may still be trying to recover from. However, MAXIMIZE YOUR DESTINY DRIVEN LIFE will lead you to a commitment to growth and heights of more purposeful living than we ever imagined was possible.

The greatest tragedy on earth is for someone to live on this earth without locating God`s purpose for his/her life. There are so many people who lived an unfulfilled life without positively affecting his/her generation to the "MAX".

The Most High has endowed everyone with gifts, talents, and abilities which can be discovered and harnessed to achieve great success in life. MAXIMIZE YOUR DESTINY DRIVEN LIFE, will help you discover unique abilities and advantages you never knew you had. You will begin to build self-assurance to face life. You will invite unimaginable blessings into your life. You should never forfeit the power and authority God has granted each of us to be in control of our lives, situation, circumstance, or individual --- no matter what the conditions. Through the power of The Most High God. Best of all, you will become who God made you be --- an amazing, original masterpiece chosen by Him to do great things.

It is my fervent belief that anybody who will discover their calling. abilities, gifts, and talents will definitely MAXIMIZE his/her DESTINY if he/she follows the principles enshrine on one's abilities to do what he/she was created by The Most High God to accomplish in this life.

There is something inside of you, now is the time to discover it and recover your loss. You have an opportunity of a lifetime to discover these untapped talents, gifts, and abilities. Bring forth that wonderful grace God has put upon you right from your being formed in His image and likeness. It will make you stand out from the crowd.

This book will help you to soar and not sink, to fly and not faint; to win and not lose; is what you are about to encounter as you engage each page of MAXIMIZE YOUR DESTINY DRIVEN LIFE. Many people are frustrated because they have not discovered what they were designed for. We are more bothered about what we are created to be that we are created to do. Bishop Toris T. Young, in this groundbreaking book, will unleash and give you a road map to help you accomplish each of the two. Do not put yourself where God has not placed you. You are a child of DESTINY. When discovered will always lead to recovery. There is a treasure on your inside only when you discover it and utilize it properly and fully will you become all that you have been destined in life, God created you to be a success.



Destiny Driven

By: Bishop Toris T. Young
Senior Pastor/Presiding Bishop