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Greater Bibleway Church International Crusade and Evangelism Ministry, as the Apostle Paul said the gospel is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. Greater Bibleway Church International believes that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only answer to the brokenness of the world and that every man, woman, and child has the right to hear the life-saving news of Jesus Christ. Crusade`s and Evangelism is one of the ways in which Greater Bibleway Church International seeks to share the gospel by conducting large, free-admission events in which all people are invited to attend and hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Church Discipleship (Pre and Post Crusade)
As an international church organization, (GBCI) seek to create its own churches around the world to reach the goal of all people living for Jesus Christ. We seek to plant new believers around the world to establish bible believing churches. (GBCI) strongly believes in spiritually nurturing new believers who accept Jesus as their savior in its gospel crusades, and as such has developed a cost-free discipleship program to be run within the local churches in which we have developed to meet the needs of the people that it serves

The goal of this discipleship program is twofold; the first is to disciple existing churchgoers in their faith and prepare the local churches so they are equipped to receive new converts prior to the gospel crusade itself. This will ensure that new believers are planted into a healthy, Bible-believing church, (GBCI) will run this training program for several weeks prior to the gospel crusade.

The second, following the completion of a gospel crusade, is to disciple those who have made a first time commitment to following the Lord; teaching them the fundamentals of the Christian faith and ensuring they are well established in their personal relationship with God. These discipleship groups will run for several weeks after the gospel crusade has concluded, at this point the new believers will be firmly planted in the local church body.

By ensuring that the local (GBCI) congregants and partners have a firm understanding of biblical theology, and by leading new believers through the same material, we believe we will be able to establish the local body on a solid foundation of biblical teaching.

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