DC, Dallas Texas, Nashville TN, and places outside the U.S. A highly sought after Revivalist, Lecturer, Business Consultant, Mentor, Civic leader. Educator, Pastor, Author of Several Books. He is a true visionary who has been described by 'Upscale' magazine as "an individual who has been called to operate far beyond the restraints of traditionalism".

Bishop Young has established New Faith Church, Greater Bibleway Recording and Entertainment, Greater Bibleway Housing and Community Development Corp., Greater Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church, Louisiana Ministerial Alliance of Churches For All People, Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance International, Greater Bibleway International Ministries and many other corporations and organizations to do the work that God has called him to do within this world.

Bishop Toris T. Young is the father of Koby Ty Young, Kyra Lynn
Young and Kalija K. Lipscomb.


Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, Cutting Edge, Pastor, Father, Educator, Businessman,

Civic Leader, with Civil Rights advocacy in his DNA, are some of the words often used to describe

Bishop Toris T. Young, senior pastor/c.e.o. of Greater Bibleway Church International, who exemplify

the heart of God, he is truly God`s Man!

Bishop Toris T. Young is uniquely anointed for the body of Christ with a clear and distinct voice for the right now and the future. releasing into the earth the truth of God`s WORD, and bringing about SALVATION, HEALING, DELIVERANCE, and RESTORATION for the continued upbuilding of the kingdom of God. "He is a renowned biblical orator, the father of the faithful and a Jewel in the sparkling tradition of the church".

He was born on March 5, 1972, in the historic city of New Orleans the last child of six Leonard Washington and the late Delores Young Hines. Bishop Young developed a love and sense of compassion for others. Even as a child, he exemplified a spirit of devotion and cared for the needs of others more than his own. Reared by his Godly mother and grandfather the late Deacon, Treasurer Taylor Young. These early years laid a foundation for the life and ministry of a humble servant of God. 

On March 15, 1972, Bishop Toris Young was dedicated to God at his family home church, Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, Marrero, Louisiana where the Pastor Joseph Walker Jr. was his spiritual father till sickness caused him to retire and Bishop Joseph Walker III was the acting pastor for three years. (Rev. Dr. Thomas James Brown became the new pastor of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church). June 1977 the late Rev. Joseph Walker Jr and the late Rev. Charles Williams took Bishop Toris Young down into the water of baptism based on his faith his belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop Young has served God since June 1977 in many areas of church ministry.

Growing up, he exemplified a special talent in music. He played a Alto Sax as a honor student at John Ehret High School, Sang with the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church choir, with (Henry Smith) and the Chosen Few Community Choir, Westside Youth and Action Community Choir(Herman Smith) and (Donald Smith) and the To The Glory Of God Community Choir, traveled the country singing with Professor Mosses Hogan and the Mosses Hogan Coral. Chairman of the Junior Deacon ministry at 9 years of age, Director of the film ministry at the age of 10 years old. Although best known for his gift of preaching at the age of 13 Rev. Joseph Walker Jr. license Bishop Young to preach the gospel after preaching his first sermon "The Hand Writing On The Wall" in 1985 on a Thursday night at the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church. He became the youngest minister in the History of this 100 year plus old congregation to be put under study for ordination by the Westside Missionary Baptist Association (Rev. Dr. Authur Piper was his tutor).

Bishop Toris T. Young is an ordained minister in the National Baptist Convention U.S. A. Inc., Progressive National Baptist Convention, Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance Of Louisiana, Rock Of Ages Ministries, A.M.E. denomination and the United Church Of Christ. In 1995 Bishop Toris T. Young and Pastor Tyronne Jefferson met to pray about the state of the African American Youth in and around the state of Louisiana and to seek God for direction as it relates to there spiritual need. Bishop Young was led to begin an Alliance with young ministers` around the state to address these issues. Bishop Young founded Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance of Louisiana now Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance International. This Alliance became a powerhouse with Bishop Young and Bishop Ernest J. Rieux Jr, spreading the gospel on college campus around the state (Dillard University, Xavier University, Southern University Of Baton Rouge, Grambling State University, McNeese State University, Louisiana State University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary). 

Students from all over the nation, would return to their respective city`s and request that their churches invite Bishop Young to speak and Bishop Young would travel the United States to do just that at the age of 18 years old. Rev. Cameron Alexander of the Antioch Baptist Church in Atlanta. " He`s a teacher and a motivator who penetrates peoples’ souls. “He is certainly one of the premier gospel and spiritual innovators in America".

Presidential Medal Of Freedom honoree and SCLC president Dr. C.T. Vivan says "He is rare and I am thankful that the African American ministry has such a man as Bishop Young". Bishop Joseph Walker III; "Bishop Toris Young is highly regarded as a cultural icon within the African American preaching tradition". His mastery of the whooping style of preaching has marked a permanent place for him among America`s finest and most influential preachers".

Bishop Toris T. Young, A socially active leader, businessman, his service that He has led through the many organizations have be recognized by the President George W. Bush who honored Bishop Young with the American spirit award in 2006 one of the highest honors one could have in the area of business leadership in the United States of America, his service with the NAACP youth and college division, A dynamic motivational speaker, he was responsible for over 650 youth councils and college chapters, representing over 68,000 young people in the United States, Germany and Japan. Bishop Young has led effort`s to push back against racism, hate and other forms of discrimination around the world, He has stood up against Presidents, Governor`s, Congressman, Mayor`s, Police Departments, City Councils, School Districts and Private Business who promote and practice Racism, Hate and other forms of Discrimination in the workplace and community as a whole. He have brought such leaders together such as Rev. Jessie L. Jackson, Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowry, Former Mayor and U.N. Ambassador Andrew Jackson Young, Rev. Al Sharpton, Leaders of black lives matter movement, Pastor`s and church leaders from around the world, Rapper`s, Singers, Athletes, Authors, Educators, Medical Experts, Engineers, Politicians and laypersons alike. He has a gift to bring people together from all walks of life to get things done for the good of the human race. In 2002 He was honored by gospel insider in Hollywood CA as one of the top ten pastors and churches in the United States, He has been made Honorary State Treasurer, State Representative, State Atty. General, Civil Sherriff, and many many other honors bestowed by the secular society of which govern. He has prayed for presidents, king`s, Queens, Governor`s, Congress, State and Local leaders, Mayors, Police Chiefs` and so many others. 

Bishop Toris T. Young is a graduate of John Ehret High School where he graduated with honors and a member of the marching band. He attended Xavier University, Union Baptist Theological Seminary, Baptist Christian College, Ashwood University, Yale Divinity School, Chicago Theological Seminary, Global University and Berean University. He holds the following: B.Th., M.Div., D., Min, M.B.A., PhD., D.Th., and many honorary degrees. Honor has been conferred upon Bishop Toris T. Young by the following institutions of higher learning, Morehouse College in Atlanta GA, McAfee School of Theology, Friends International Christian University, The School of the Prophets of Copperas Cove, Grambling State University, Southern University, Howard University, Grace Graduate School of Theology, The University Of Judaism and Christ Church Wadham College oxford University in England, Pepperdine University, Hebrew Union College, Baptist Christian College Shreveport Campus, The kings University in Los Angeles, He was selected to present the famed Lyman Beecher lectures, Harvard School of Religion and the Union Baptist Seminary and Theological College. 

Bishop Toris T. Young wrote his first book "The Power Of Prayer" International release December 2017; a journal for this book will be published, released and available for purchase.

Bishop Young spent ten days in Seoul, South Korea preaching the gospel at the Myung Presbyterian Church, the Full Gospel Church and The Suwon Full Gospel Church. The attendance for these worship services ranged from 90,000 persons to 120,000 persons.

In January 1990 Bishop Young began Radio Outreach on Saturdays at Noon "The Power Of God`s Word" broadcast could be heard.

Bishop Young in 2003 led members and friends of (GBCI) to Kenya, Uganda and Capetown, South Africa; to serve to give, helping as well as to share in ministry spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Young in 2009 through (GBCI) led an International Crusade in London, England and by the end of the crusade had spoken to some 2.5 million people, delivering some 92 major messages in thirteen (13) weeks at Harringay Arena. Risking his life on planes and at various crusade events in nearly a dozen or more African Countries and in the Middle East. Preaching in cities, villages with a consistent message of God's  LOVE, and that there can only be peace in Jesus. 

Bishop Young has tried to remain uninvolved in politics, Bishop Toris T. Young was befriended by several presidents of the United States Of America and have been consulted by various international leaders at times of crisis. Around the world, Bishop Young is honored as a man of peace who walks close to God, and his wisdom and advice have been held in high esteem. 

Bishop Toris Young was consecrated to the office of Bishop on January 10, 1997 at the age of 24 under the auspices of an International body of Bishop`s, Prelates, Prophets and a Board of Church Leaders directed by The Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance Of Louisiana now Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance International. The Most Rev. James H. Feltus, Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God in Christ United. He was consecrated Bishop by Bishop Charles H. Mason founder of the Church of God In Christ Worldwide.

Bishop Toris Young is the former pastor of First Mount Zion Baptist Church of Buras Louisiana, his first pastorate, where the church grew from about 50 members to over 1,200 disciples during his tenure.

Bishop Toris Young is the senior Pastor/C.E.O./Teacher/President of Greater Bibleway Church International. He has taken this church from being a New Orleans Congregation to now has operations around the globe. Such operations are in Houston Texas, Baytown Texas, New Orleans, Marrero Louisiana, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Jackson MS, Atlanta GA, Savannah GA, Washington, 

"But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the WORD". Acts 6:4


America is known around the world for its unprecedented string of presidents it`s iconic roster of Civil Rights leaders, it`s innovation in Science and Engineering, it`s ability of military use and the use of its resources, and it`s wealth of primetime preachers, The nations most well-renowned ministers include the likes of Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Baker, E.V. Hill, Creflo Dollar, Jasper Williams Jr, Quincy Carswell, Fredrick K.C. Price, C.A.W. Clark, Oral Roberts, T.D. Jakes, Henry Lyons, C.L. Franklin, Paul S. Morton Sr, E.K. Bailey, Joel Olsteen, Charles H. Mason, G.E. Patterson, Gardner C. Taylor, Martin Luther King Jr, Andrew Jackson Young, Otis Moss Jr, Jamal Bryant, But to the mind of many, Bishop Toris T. Young is the best of the best.

Bishop Toris T. Young