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Welcome to (GBCI) Community Bible Study

From young moms and housewives. From business people, professionals, trades people to students, or retired. We are just like you and your neighbors. We come form all of the Christian denominations, from no religious background, or from non-Christian faiths that simply have a desire to study the Bible, which is the most widely published and studied book in the world.

There are several ways to get connected and become a part of our Community Bible Study family. You can join a Bible study class, or prayerfully consider starting a Bible study class if there is none in your community. You can also pray with us or subscribe to our newsletter.

We want you to find a (GBCI) Bible study class and get connected to others in your community. Whether you live in the United States or Tanzania, our classes really are designed for anyone and everyone.

Malawi, Nepal, Australia, Singapore, India, Israel, Africa, Haiti, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Ghana and Ecuador these are just a few of the countries where you`ll find a Community Bible Study presence. Our International ministry will be able to help you find a class, or show you how to start a class if there isn`t one near you. We will provide training and materials in order that the classes are all uniformed and follow the International curriculum.

If you would like to know more about beginning a (GBCI) Community Bible Study class in your community, place of employment, home, and or any other place, you may request an information kit. The kit contains materials on Community Bible Study, the (GBCI) Children`s Ministry, samples of the adult and children`s lessons and a list of study courses. After you have had an opportunity to review the materials in the information kit, we`ll follow up with you. If you`re still interested, an Area Director will be in touch with you to walk you along the journey.

You`ll see from the information kit that the first step is to begin an informal community prayer group made up of people from various church backgrounds who want a Bible study in their neighborhood.

The group should pray for two things: first, the Lord`s will and direction in starting a class, and two, for the following leaders to show themselves: a Teaching Director, and Associate Teaching Director, a Coordinator, and a Children`s Director (for classes that plan to offer a Children`s Ministry). Remember, no one should be forced to do anything; all those involved should feel called by the Lord to launch the new class. Greater Bibleway Church International will provide all training, materials and all other support tools.

Top learn more about Community Bible Study, click on our contact us page and forward your information to us so that we can follow up with you. Greater Bibleway Church International is proud to be a member of the Spoken Word Council for Financial Accountability. And follow all standards of Responsible Stewardship focus on board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fund-raising, and proper use of charity resources