Published on July 27, 2018

By: Bishop Toris T. Young

Bishop Toris T. Young give a status report and commits to standing with Puerto Rico in Long-term Recovery 

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, July, 26, 2018----/Lighting Releases / Now that we are in the midst of hurricane season 2018, Bishop Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International, Greater Bibleway Housing and Community Development Corp., New Faith Church, Greater Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church, Louisiana Ministerial Alliance Of Churches, partners, members and friends united as we stand with our family, friends, and strangers of Puerto Rico. " We are welcoming home Bishop Toris T. Young and the thousands of faithful volunteers who have been on the ground since the day Hurricane Irma and Maria hit, and we have a team of 500 faithful missionaries, ministers, and workers who will continue to help them rebuild their lives," said Joseph D. Tate director of operations for Greater Bibleway Church International Puerto Rico. As hurricane season enters 2018 people around the globe are still reeling from last year's devastating storms, and preparing for new storms that may affect people from coast to coast. That's why Bishop Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International will continue to lead organizations, churches, civic groups, elected officials and people of good will to the aid of millions of people affected by these tragic events. Bishop Toris T. Young announce a multi-year recovery plan aimed are rehabilitating more than 600 homes and 100 churches in central and southern Puerto Rico. "It's important for people in Puerto Rico to know they are not forgotten, and that God loves them, Bishop Toris T. young and Greater Bibleway Church International and it's partners love them," said Greater Bibleway Church International (GBCI) Pastor, Bishop and C.E.O. Bishop Toris T. Young. "We have been on the ground in Puerto Rico since the day Hurricane Irma and Maria hit, and we will continue and not leave until the work is complete and peoples lives have been restored and re-build, this is our goal, our mandate to do the hard work." Greater Bibleway Church International and its partners have a plan, a much-needed solar energy project for 200 homes in Yabucoa, one of the hardest-hit areas on the island, where residents continue to be affected by intermittent power outages. Teams have begun installing the solar units in the past two months of 2018. The solar project is the second of its kind for GBCI following hurricane Katrina which struck the gulf coast of Louisiana and Mississippi affecting the home of Greater Bibleway Church international GBCI in the city of New Orleans. The time-intensive installation process will provide enough electricity for a small home, including enough to power a refrigerator, which is critically important when electricity isn't available because it allows residents to keep crucial prescription medications and temperature-sensitive food items from spoiling."We are here to stay" said Bishop Young 

Bishop Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International and it's partners around the world, would like to thank the many many men and women who made the following possible: 


  • Greater Bibleway Church International GBCI Post-Irma & Maria Aid 
  • 10,800 Bibles 
  • 8,250 people served by 102 free mobile medical clinics 
  • 2,300+ generator kits 
  • 837 helicopter trips to deliver tons of food, supplies across the island
  • GBCI in March shipped another 700 generator kits, which include a generator, oil, a gas can and solar lights. The kits are being distributed to vulnerable families in remote areas of central Puerto Rico that still do not have access to power. 
  • 82,000 tarps, helping households stay dry until permanent repairs can be made 
  • 60,000 grocery boxes, in partnership with FEMA and partners worldwide 
  • 6,000+ solar lamps 
  • 25,000 Sawyer water filters 
  • Tens of thousands of buckets and jerry cans used to transport water 


Caribbean-wide Response To Date Continues 

RT. Rev. Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International and it's worldwide partners report the following:  Our first deployed teams of disaster response members across a number of Caribbean islands in the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria to provide medical help, mental health, spiritual and distribute food, emergency shelter and materials, clean water, hygiene kits and solar lights to families in need. 

Over the subsequent weeks and months, GBCI has taken many FedEx planeloads of relief supplies from around the globe to the Caribbean, airlifting more than 1,500 tons of emergency relief supplies and key staff. With the conclusion of the emergency response phase, GBCI is now shipping additional supplies on barges, with more than 2,500 tons of aid shipped by air and sea to the Caribbean so far. Many suppliers have also been sourced locally.

In addition to distributing relief supplies, GBCI established a Go-Fund-Me page to help children who are separated from their parents, do to the high rate of incarceration go to our GoFundMe page to donate to this cause. 

More than 75 homes have been repaired, with another 150 targeted for completion by the end of 2018. GBCI staff have completed repairs to five church buildings and will work on five other churches that were significantly damaged. GBCI also installed a reverse-osmosis plant that continues to provide safe water for families as they move back to the island. 

GBCI plan to assist with an estimated 2,000 roof repairs. Over the next two to three years, Bishop Toris T. Young has authorized plans to repair 43 churches and provide reconstruction support to approximately 1,000 people through home repair efforts. GBCI, in partnership with the local community, continues to truck clean water to communities in need. 

St. Martin 
GBCI, was the first religious organization of it's kind to arrive after the hurricane with food, water, and heavy-duty shelter materials, plans to repair 50 churches, restore 400 homes and provide 1,500 families with material assistance vouchers to purchase large appliances, lumber, windows, roofing supplies or other construction materials. 
Houston, Baytown, Port Author Texas 

GBCI, the first religious organization on the ground in Texas during the 2017 flooding, assist with an estimated 50,000 meals served, 30,000 heavy-duty shelter materials and 20,000 Bibles. Worked with the many volunteer groups to rescue some 15,000 residents from their homes. EMTs, members of the military, police, and all of the good will who have rolled up their sleeves to help the people of Texas