Published on May 26, 2018

Bishop Toris T. Young Senior Pastor/ Presiding Bishop 
Greater Bibleway Church International

When I was a kid I would go to Houston Texas and attend the Batman & Robin show, Batman & Robin. Michael Knight and K.I.T. Jordan & Pippen. The Wonder Twins.
Venus & Serena. Green eggs &Ham. Peanut butter & Jelly. Pinky & the Brain. The tandems are endless. Say what you want, everyone needs someone to get them to a place or position in life they wouldn't be otherwise without the support of a power partner. Your very existence is a result of a productive partnership between your mother and father at the time, even if it didn't last beyond the fleeting moment(s) of passion(s) exchanged. I'm certain if you were to reflect back on the things you've allowed yourself to "Fall Down" over in life, the wrong kind of people will be involved in the "ouch!" you incurred. #GODGROWTH: "Bad company corrupts good character." 1 Corinthians 15:30,. Season. Season(al) folks are around for as long as it takes to serve their purpose. Partners at this level may include classmates, certain acquaintances, people you've dated, pastor, and the like. As dressing appropriate for the weather until a change in the atmosphere requires otherwise, you either have to change your seasonal people as the atmosphere in your life produces whatever's necessary to do. A recent personal example of seasonal people regarded disengaging from someone that I have known virtually my entire life. This person's life produced absolutely no growth in my own and, in fact, was always drama filled. The very same space in life that she was in prior to my "Fall Down" dysfunctional relationships, gossiping, educationally stagnant, just taking up space and time. It just got to the point that I was tired of her playing peek-a-boo on facebook, twitter and Instagram (you know the "friend" who snoops around to monitor your activity, but will never like a post, although they are either always posting themselves and/or liking other people's status'?), tired of her incessant complaints about things, tired of her "about to do" things that never got done, and tired of being tired of her. I adjusted to the weather in my life that was changing from the winter of her drama to the springtime of individuals who were reciprocating the growth that I am missioned in life to contribute. I have no hard feelings towards sister-girl, but that season of our lives expired, and I had to recognize the change appropriately necessary for the next stage of life I was transitioning into.

#GODGROWTH: GIVE ME GROWTH OR GET GONE that should be our goal to always grow. LIFETIME. lifetime partners may include the likes of your spouse, your parents, siblings, Pastor, those you go as far back as my 88 BMW 325i convertible in high school L.O.L. These are those you get the most power from. people on this level seem to add a deeper dimension to your life; you are remarkably influenced by their personhood. Your lives are a composite of each other's. You can let your hair down around life timers without compunction, there's transparency between you, and there's more of the private person than public persona expressed when you are together. You usually can count on the very best assistance she/he can give to "RISE UP" when you "Fall Down" in life. Lifetime partners are essential in our odyssey of life - no matter how reputable or inconspicuous we may be; they can be a quiet presence of strength that anchors us to truth and love. These are those we need to call us out on our errors and support us in our victories.

#GODGROWTH: faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Proverbs 27:6,. One of the greatest measures of growth I get from the above-cited Scripture, as it relates to having a power partner, is a true "friend" - someone who unequivocally has your best interest at heart - very well will "wound" you with truth. That's to say, they will refuse to allow you to make obvious decisions that will yield unproductive results. They'll refuse to sanction the relationship that's disempowering you, the position that's wearing you, the behaviors that are reducing you. They'll give you the necessary "no!" whenever, however, wherever, in order to preserve the meaningful contributions, they recognized we are equipped to make in life. On the other hand, the "kisses of an enemy [that are] deceitful" are the "yes" men and women who hang around and enable your dysfunction(s). He is the drinking buddy you get plastered with. She is the co-worker who encourages you to do personal affairs on company time. He is the number one ace you hit the strip clubs with and cheat on your woman/man. All of the partners in this area do more in entangling your feet to "Fall Down" than they do in assisting you to "RISE UP". You should be very discriminative about who gets access to your lifetime lounge, the "VIP" space of YOU, the exclusive place where few people should have admission. Their presence here can expose your vulnerabilities and yield a distinct level of sensitivity. Anytime you read about Jesus experiencing His most intimate moments, out of His hand-selected staff of twelve, there were always only three (power partners) with whom He allowed to witness Him on that level. When He was transfigured high on a mountain, you'll find only Peter, James, and John embellished in that glorious moment. mark 9: 1-9. When He resurrected a dead girl back to life, you'll discover He "put [everyone] out' except His power partners. Mark 5: 21-43. When He was in the garden of Gethsemane before His arrest, those same three were the only ones allowed to go furthest and witness His agonizing prayer during that tumultuous time. Luke 5: 39-46. This is to exemplify how life-timers should be those with whom we undoubtedly trust to reveal our triumphs and tragedies, pleasures and pains, or highs and lows before without trepidation of reprisal or betrayal. Understanding the purpose for particular partnerships allows for one of two things when we make connections. First, it increases our people IQ, so that we become more aware of the rhyme and/or reason for which an individual may be around, what she/he is to serve. Second, it allows us to adjust our expectations of the length of time they may stay, the extent to which they will go, and/or other unconscious hang-ups we sometimes have when we allow others into our space. Irrespective to what area(s) someone may fall in, I'm of the irrevocable notion that there should be a noticeable before-and-after difference in our lives as a result of partnering with someone. We should be contributing to each other - being an addition - in the distinct way by which only our unique degree of thoughts, love, inspiration, etc., can give. Zero is the only number combined with another that adds nothing, and neither you nor those with whom you partner should be anything but zeros!. Take Simon & Shuster, Colgate & Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, and other corporate tandems whose partnerships are so inextricable we identify them as one in the same. "Johnson" alone just doesn't even present with the same distinctiveness as the two combined. They didn't merge just because the two names blended well together. They partnered because they understood there was something in the make-up of the other that would add the right kind of power differential and produce a higher "RISE" from their current position in business. If companies can be that prudent and savvy about whom they select to partner with, to administrate, chair, produce with, and all of the other ingredients that mix into being recognized by fortune of Forbes, how much more should we - whose lives are invaluable - be selective about who we hyphenate with?! I've discovered several areas by which people do and should partner by in order to "RISE UP" when one "FALL DOWN"; I call them power P's of partnerships. (continue reading click here).


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