Published on May 15, 2018

Bishop Toris T. Young Senior Pastor/ Presiding Bishop 
Greater Bibleway Church International

Have you ever done something that just made you want to slap yourself? I mean, not just that "one time" you did what you did and swore you would never do it again.

But, we're talking about you having "Fallen Down" over the same thing in the same place time after time after time after time again! If so, you are not alone. You are

not alone in not having heeded the warnings of making that imprudent investment, committing to that relationship, trusting that friend, and it goes on. Most, if not all

of us, have fallen down in life, love, and/or with the Lord, only to find ourselves in a similar situation no sooner than we brushed the dust from our clothes well enough. This is a message of Hope, Love and Help to those who want to say enough is enough, I don't have no magic fairy sprinkled gold dust as to how to "RISE" but what I do have is the power of God and the aid of the holy spirit to give direction and knowledge as to how to "RISE" every time you fall, and to help you from falling. A prerequisite to living is going through the valleys in order to arrive at a greater space of appreciation, allowing you the ability to reflect upon the clumsy steps you may have stumbled upon to get there. However, what I will assert is that it is, in fact, possible to convert those "mistakes" into MIRACLES; to be able to "RISE" in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, applicability, Faith, Hope, Love and other tools necessary to be a more effective YOU, anytime you Fall Down. During the multiplicity of times that I have "Fallen" scraped my knees, got dirt in my mouth, and skinned my hands in the process, it was in many specific areas that I realized I needed to "RISE" and get up. I want to pass one of those areas of understanding onto you and assist you in being able to get "air" under your feet so that you can "RISE" and land on top of anything future-forward that you fall in. 

 "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

The first step to "RISE" when you fall down: 
THE WAY YOU THINK IS EVERYTHING; How you think is everything. Not some things, half of
things, or even 99.9% of things. How you think is everything!! The perspective we have, the thoughts we speak to ourselves, will determine the quality of our lives. If you were to reflect back on the times when you've fallen down in life, I believe that what helped you eventually "RISE" were the internal voice that was within yourself. Your thought process is so critical to how strong your life pulsates, The Bible reminds us: "As a man/woman thinks in his/her heart is what he/she becomes". You are actually transformed into whatever it is you conjure. Of course, if you think you are a Mercedes Benz, it will be impossible to wax and cruise in you on Sunday morning. What I mean is, you will act out in ways that correlate to the thoughts you produce. Look at professional athletes. Most, if not all of them, will tell you that when they were kids, as they swung at baseballs, raced their friends down the black, shot free throws in milk crates, or did summersaults in the grass; they thought about being their favorite player, they imagined themselves being "in the game", and eventually becoming who we know them to be on today. 


Consider something else: have you ever heard the term "frame of mind"? What do you usually frame? Pictures. Most of us try and frame the most flattering images of ourselves we have. Rarely do you go to someone's house and see an image of him/her bent over the toilet vomiting from the last night's hangover. Why? because you don't necessarily want to be "framed" in that light; you don't want others to presume your life is isolated within that specific framework. Similarly, the mental pictures you frame display your attitude character, etc. You will act, react, and respond to based on what your thoughts produce. 


In my life I have fallen time after time, however once I discovered these truths I no longer fall to the devil tricks, I now know how to "RISE" and that is why I am sharing this message of hope with you on today because you can "RISE" but the only way you can "RISE" you must change the way you think. There is something in the mind of every individual whose life is diminished by whatever your struggle may be and that thing keeps you down but I got good news for you my brother, my sister, YOU can "RISE". 


I know you still aren't completely sold on the how you think is everything concept, on this being a principle to help you to "RISE" out of your mess, out of your sickness, out of your bondage, out of your financial dilemma, out of your family problems, but I have stopped by to tell you that you can "RISE" out of whatever it is that has you down. Allow me to hammer this deeper, lest you believe something that works for some and not for you. 


At some point in life, I presume you've made a New Year's resolution. The purpose of the resolution was to improve the quality of your life from the status quo; you wanted to be as the Bible challenges "forward from a year ago 2 Corinthians 8:10, January 1st provides a fresh start, an opportunity to reset the mileage on the odometer to zeros; Newyear's Day is the adult equivalent to a "do over" you were able to invoke when playing a game as a kid. You get to lose the weight you didn't keep off the year before; you get to cut off relationship(s) which held you back; you get to discard habits you've been holding onto. But I have a news flash for YOU: resolve doesn't come through the magic of midnight on January 1st. A New Year's fairy doesn't sprinkle hocus-pocus dust on the hands of the clock and -poof!- there's a 5.0 version of you. Resolve comes through your thinking. (continue reading click here).


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