Published on February 18, 2018

Bishop Toris T. Young Presiding Bishop/Senior Pastor
Sis. Lisa Prout General Secretary
Elder Vernon Allen Jr. Youth Pastor
General Board Of Directors and Officers and Members

On today February 18, 2018, during our 9:00 AM CST worship service Greater Bibleway Church International, released It`s adopted a policy on sexual abuse and

harassment. Bishop Toris T. Young "Greater Bibleway Church International will shall not tolerate sexual harassment or abuse of no kind by a Member, Officer, Pastor,

Teacher and or any other leader associated with this church. As a world leader fighting for the protection of all people from all forms of harassment and abuse. We endeavor therefore as an organization to be the example God has called us to be. We are proud to recognize these COURAGEOUS individuals who bravely came forward with their heartbreaking statements, making sure no one would forget what the monstrous individuals have done to them and there lives, while we know so many others are victims of this type of abuse and  we want the world to know that Greater Bibleway Church International will not tolerate no form of harassment or abuse and would like to send this message that we support those who come forward, as well we are proud to announce that we have never had one report of sexual abuse or harassment in the history of our church we proclaim to be a safe place for those abused and harassed. Know that we are here for you and the fact that we will protect and do everything in our power to bring an end to this type of abuse and harassment. On today we honored the following who once was a victim but on today they are victorious and free:

Kyle Stephens
Jennifer Hayes

Katelynne Hall

Jessica Thomashow

Nicole Walker

Anya Gillengerten

Victim D

Victim 75

Kaylee McDowell

Chelsey Markham

Chelsea Williams

Lindsay Woolever

Jade Capua

Stephanie Robinson

Hannah Morrow

Alexis Moore 

Carrie Hogan

Bayle Pickel

Olivia Cowan

Helena Weick 

Alexis Alvarado

Rebecca Mark

Victim 28

Morgan McCaul

Bethany Bauman

Victim 10

Trenea Gonzcar

Kate Mahon

Taryn Look 

Larissa Boyce

Danielle Moore

Jamie Dantzscher 

Bailey Lorencen

Marion Siebert

McKayala Maroney

Valerie Webb

Annette Hill

Lindsey Lemke

Whitney Mergens

Taylor Stevens

Nicole Reeb


Marta Stern


Victim 55


Lyndsy Gamet


Clasina Syrovy


Amanda Cormier


Taylor Cole


Emma Ann Miller


Jennifer Rood Bedford


Jessica Smith      


Taylor Livingston


Ashley Erickson


Melody Posthuma Van der Veen


Victim 163


Melissa Imrie


Victim 153


Presley Allison


Megan Helicek 


Victim 11


Kamerin Moore


Victim 48


Victim 136


Krista Wakeman


Katelyn Skrabis


Kristen Thelen


Samantha Daniels


Brianne Randall


Katie Rasmussen


Victim 159


Victim 2


Jessica Tarrant


Alliree Gingerich


Anna Ludes


Mary Fisher-Follmer


Kourtney Weidner


Lindsey Schuett


Jordyn Wieber


Charla Burill


Meggie Nichols


Chelsea Zerfas


Lauren Michalak


Tiffany Thomas Lopez


Samantha Ursch 


Vanasia Bradley


Jeanette Antolin

Kara Johnson

Breanne Rata

Amanda Thomashow 

Maddie Johnson

Catherine Hannum

Victim 105

Marie Anderson

Victim 170

Gwen Anderson 

 Amy Labadie

Chedler Rodriguez

Amanda Barterian

Ashley Yost

Victim 138

Jaime Doski

Aly Raisman

Morgan Margraves

Jenelle Moul 

Kassie Powell

Victim 127

Madeleine Jones

Megan Ginter 

Victim 142

Kayla Spicher

 Katherine Gordon

Victim 162

Victim 186 

Victim 185

Victim 73

Victim 165

Whitney Burns 

Isabell Hutchins

Meaghan Ashcraft

Natalie Woodland

Jillians Swinehart

Alison Chauvette

Anna Dayton

Olivia Venuto

Victim 126

Mattie Larson

Jassica Howard

Alexandra Romano

Arianna Castillo

Selena Brennan

Victim 190

Makayla Thrush

Emily Morales

Abigail Mealy

Ashley Bremer

Victim 195

Brooke Hylek

Abigayle Bergeron

Emily Meinke

Morgan Valley

Christina Barba

 Amanda Mcgeachie

Victim 177

Victim 178

 Sterling Riethman

Kaylee Lorinez

Rachael denhollander