Published on January 2, 2018

From The Office Of Bishop Toris T. Young Presiding Bishop/Senior pastor
Council Of Elders

Greater Bibleway Church International will celebrate 40 years of service, one of our major projects announced in celebration of 40 years of service is our Mentorship program. The name of this program is Greater Bibleway Church International correspondence mentorship program, (GBCICMP). Bishop Toris T. Young through a written plan announced via conference call and through the church annual report that starting January 21, 2018, volunteer mentors will begin writing to incarcerated men and women, will review their completed Bible study lessons and answer their questions as it relates to the Bible. They will share stories from their own lives and help their students see how God is speaking to them through His Word.

In the process, the lives of both the mentor and the student are transformed through studying the Bible God`s Holy Word together. Leroy Dabney III "Greater Bibleway Church International gave me a program to go by. I didn`t have to find my own way while reading the Bible. I didn`t have to blindly open my Bible and try to figure stuff out on my own." what Bishop Young has announced on today will give so many others the chance that I had working with the church one on one while I was in prison".

The courses announced today will cover the following,

  • Tier 1 courses, God`s love is for everyone. the goal of these courses is to introduce students to Jesus Christ and help them learn who they are in God`s eyes: men and women worthy of God`s love. Courses: Greater Truths of the Bible, Survey of the Bible, Living:
  • Tier 2 Courses, Once we know we are loved and that God loves us regardless of our pastor who others say we are, we can begin to love others. these courses help students learn to live out their faith in response to God`s love. courses: 10 men you should know, 10 Women you should know, All in God`s work, It all belongs to God, Sermon on the Mount. Leading:
  • Tier 3 Courses, God calls us to ministry wherever we find ourselves. The goal of these courses is to provide students with the specific training needed for leading ministry within their communities, both inside prison and outside. Courses: Biblical Interpretation, Biblical Truths in Depth, Christian Worldview 1, Christian Worldview 2.

Benefits Of The Program:

  • Mentors who review students lessons and mail them back with encouraging letters
  • Access to over 100 Bible study lessons for free no charge to students
  • A certificate of completion and a free Bible signed by Bishop Toris T. Young
  • A letter of recommendation (upon request) to the parole board, the student`s judge or a prospective employer after the  student has completed their first course
  • A opportunity to further the student's studies in religion via other coursework and a possible job with (GBCI)

How It Works:
1. Greater Bibleway Church International sends a Bible study lesson to a student
2. The student completes the lesson and mails it back to the GBCIMP office
3. GBCIMP sends the next lesson to the student and forwards the student`s completed lesson to a volunteer mentor
4. As the student works on their next lesson, the mentor reviews the completed lesson and mails it back to the student along with an encouraging letter
Our chaplain Ministry partners are engaged in ministry that Jesus pointedly asked the Church to pursue: discipline and caring for men and women in prison. But the transitional nature of prison life can make that difficult. We can help by providing: Long-Term discipleship, Regardless of where our students are transferred, they can continue the program with the same mentors helping them study the Bible and grow in their faith. Yard event follow-up, The program also acts as a great follow-up to yard events, giving new Christians sustained guidance as they begin to follow Christ, Greater Bibleway Church International has engaged in correspondence ministry with prisoners for over 15 years. We have heard from countless students who say that having someone on the outside encouraging and writing to them has shown them what God`s love looks like: constant, selfless and unconditional. For the first time, they begin to believe that God`s love for them is real.

For more information or to request enrollment forms, either.
or write: GBCIMP
             6122 5th Ave.
             Marrero, Louisiana 70072
" Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison Hebrews 13:3"

Greater Bibleway Church International Announces a Mentorship Program