Published on December 8, 2017

Greater Bibleway Church international (GBCI) has a storied history of creating consensus in areas where parties desire but are having difficulty in finding the middle ground.
In the peace negotiations related to Jerusalem, we support the Statement of the World Council Of Churches, Bishop Toris T. Young and Greater Bibleway Church international,
‚Äčand the national Churches of Christ (NCCUSE) bodies in which we are members and participants in the leadership.

Over the decades, our leaders and members have been on pilgrimages to the Middle East to fully understand the issues and meet the people. Most recently in 2017, our Director Of Social Action joined a delegation from the Greater Bibleway Church International (GBCI) that visited Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Palestine to "check on the Christians". The Christians pleaded for help to tell their story and help others understand the urgency of protecting the shared existence of all parties in the Middle Eastern region whether Christian, Muslim or Jewish. That report signals a need for continued vigilant prayer and focused Peace Talks among the stakeholders as critical to finding solutions for these faiths/people (Judaism, Muslim, Christian) who call Jerusalem their founding place. 

The action taken by the President of the United States is inconsistent with engaging the stakeholders, finding lasting solutions, and achieving a peace that is more than the absence of conflict/war/terrorist acts. It flies in the face of finding peace on earth, in a season where we are affirming the continued quest for this seemingly elusive quality of life. In fact, it seems to be the actions of a bully.

And for all of these reasons, we stand with those who oppose the action of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and urge continued efforts to find lasting peace. We urge resumption of Peace Talks with renewed urgency.

Bishop Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International joins with ecumenical partners to denounce Trump Administration action on Jerusalem