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Bishop Toris T. Young Launches Financial Literacy Program

Published on October 6, 2017

By K.L. Young
 "Those who have been locked out from access to opportunity want the same from Corporate America that Corporate America wants from the U.S. and foreign

balance of trade, and uninhibited access. If Corporate America could see that vast potential within our underserved minority communities, would wall street provide access to opportunities for economic growth and stability ?"

 Bishop Young held a teleconference with media professionals, directors of (GBCI), faith leaders and business owners. He recognized the extraordinary inroads and achievements made by the faith community during one of the most challenging periods in the history of the United States Of America. Church and home foreclosure, unemployment, health care disparities, natural disasters, and poverty all threaten the very fiber of our nation, Bishop Young went on to say we will look at solutions and best practices for economic empowerment through education and collective approaches. The focus is community stability, service and growth. Bishop Young gave an overview of the issues and told those on the call that the focus has to be training the trainer and empowering a cadre of financial ministry coordinators in the area`s of debt and consumer credit education, home ownership, goal setting, managing your money and establishing, maintaining and restoring your credit. Bishop Young said we can not stop or rest until all people learn how to read there credit score, think like a lender, avoid credit traps and better plan for your future. A major thrust of (GBCI) and (GBHCDC) is economic literacy and social responsibility for the church and it`s members. Now more than ever, we carry large amounts of personal debt and the problem is compounded by overuse of credit cards as well as other unhealthy financial practices. In response, Bishop Young and Greater Bibleway Church International and Greater Bibleway Housing and CDC is facilitating this financial literacy project to deliver a message of economic responsibility starting in the church. " I have now pastored this church for over 12 years and "We must look at and explore the two decades of progress and where do we go from here." Bishop Young said. "We have accomplished a tremendous amount over the past 12 years here at (GBCI) However, as we enter a new political landscape, we need to stay on our knees and keep a seat at the table to ensure true diversity is met".

The Training The Trainer Financial Literacy Project was founded in 2012 by Bishop Toris T. Young., and the Greater Bibleway Church International with its partner Greater Bibleway Housing and Community Development Corporation (GBHCDC). It was officially launched by Bishop Young and prominent minority business owners on January 15, 2012, Dr. Martin Luther King`s birthday.

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