Greater Bibleway Church International Crisis Response
‚ÄčTeam Sending Disaster Units To Texas

Published on August 27, 2017

By: Kyra. L. Young and Koby Ty Young

Greater Bibleway Church International Crisis Response Team has been activated and deployed, following last nights landfall of Hurricane Harvey, crisis-trained
Elders with the (GBCI) Response team are arriving in Texas this weekend to offer emotional and spiritual care to evacuees, and to assess the areas with the
greatest need. Bishop Toris T. Young senior pastor of (GBCI) said in a statement that He is concern about the people of Texas and the many thousands of people who
fled New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, and remain in Texas Greater Bibleway Church International has a location in the Houston area, we are sending vehicles and team support to aid at this time are all in route, with more than 100 additional elders and leaders standing by as the situation and overall destruction become clearer.

"Though we all anticipated the impact of Harvey, there`s no way to overstate the ferocity of a storm like this," said Elder Joseph D. Tate, international director and victim of the 2005 flooding in New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina. "We`re praying for those who have been devastated by the hurricane, and we`ll be there to offer the hope and comfort of Christ to those who are hurting." As well we will provide bowls of Gumbo and other foods and drink to first responders while on the ground. We have deployed our disaster relief arm of the church with the crisis team. Together the two ministries will address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who have been affected.

"As dawn breaks over south Texas, the damage brought by Hurricane Harvey through the night is coming into view with significant flooding still to come. More than 200,000 people are without power. This is the strongest storm to hit the U.S. in more than a decade," Bishop Young said on his Facebook page this morning. "I know the people of Texas would appreciate your prayers for them during these difficult days (GBCI) needs your prayers".

The deployment to Texas marks the ministry`s first hurricane response to the 2017 hurricane season. Last year, more than 125 trained elders ministered to nearly 10,000 people across five areas of North and South Carolina following the impact of Hurricane Mathew. In addition to the new deployment to Texas, Greater Bibleway Church international Crisis Response Team has been ministering alongside churches in Barcelona since the August 17 terror attack that killed 13 people and injured scores more. The effort is concluding this weekend, which will allow us to send two additional units to Texas Tuesday with a third unit scheduled to move out later this week in response to the catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. (GBCI) is also mobilizing an army of volunteers to help desperate Texas homeowners.