"Bishop Toris T. Young: Raising The Bar On Transformation"
International Pastor Reaches On The Inside And The Outside Of The Black Church With Breakthrough Results

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Published on April 16, 2010

By Willie Moore Jr.

Houston, Texas (GBCIN) In a stroke of apparent irony, Bishop Toris T. Young has announced "Fit For Eternity". "Remember, we started together we will finish together". Bishop Young stated to those attending this press briefing. There are no words more inspiring to the thirty-odd participants, and no one more inspiring to deliver them than Bishop Toris T. Young their coach, their man of God, and the one person who believes with every breath in his body, in what they will accomplish. The participants are part of a pilot effort known as "Fit For Eternity". A unique 60-day process of mind, body, and soul transformation that was founded by Bishop Toris T. Young in 2009 after his mother Delores Young Hines died of heart failure, which was devastating to the Bishop.
Transformation of mind, body, and soul? Really ? Yes, really. 

The first empirical results are in. The pilot pre-and-post "FIT" data have been analyzed. The clinical data gathered points to "FIT FOR ETERNITY" organic process transforming one`s mind, body, and soul. The translation: emotional healing, new eating habits, and consciousness-raising. It also translates into losing 15 pounds and muscle gain for participants.
But as Bishop Young emphasizes, "FIT is not a diet!"

"The common goal of Operation Butterfly and I am a King {the two "FIT" programs differing slightly to meet both women and men`s needs} is to take participants on a personal path of emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation, explains Bishop Young. "It is my belief and personal experience that authentic edification of the mind, body, and soul is possible only when the process is viewed as one holistic entity." Bishop Young wasted no time in accumulating that experience.

A passionate peoples pastor, international leader, author, singer, radio talk show host, preacher, teacher, civil rights and public policy proponent, father of three.

A recipient of the American Spirit Award from the government of the United States Of America for his work in the United States in the area of business. "Americas Top 40 pastors under 40" a presenter at the 2004 National Martin Luther King Jr. Remembrance Day Celebration at Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Bishop Toris T. Young holds honors that clearly demonstrate his reputation on the International front. His ministry at Greater Bibleway Church International since 2002, where he is pastor and international overseer