Published on November 7, 2005

By Terrell Williams and Rev. Connie Thomas, New Orleans File Staff Writer (GBCIN)

New Orleans-U.S. Secretary of Commerce Donald L. Evans, Rev. Fred Lucas and Bishop Toris T. Young announced at a press conference held at the corporate office of Bible Way Baptist Church located in One Canal Place on the 26th floor in the conference room filled with media and other state and national leaders, to make a public announcement the disbursement of $20 million to support faith-based organizations that assisted in the recovery efforts, but are under "extreme financial strain", said secretary Evans.

What better place to  make this announcement than the corporate office of Bible Way Baptist Church with the leadership of Bishop Toris T. Young who have been a leader to this region for a long time and have worked with presidents and leaders around the country to deliver the kind of help that is needed during these tough times following the worst we have seen a storm cause so much damage to the faith community as Katrina done a few months ago. Bible Way Baptist Church since 2002 when Bishop young became the Pastor and Bishop of one of Americas fastest growing faith organizations. Bible Way Baptist Church being the only church having a 26th floor corporate office in One Canal Place was able to get up and running while the water still stood in most New Orleans neighborhoods, working with state, local and federal officials Bishop Young and Bible Way has led the way for recovery, and have given to thousands of people in order to help the recovery and find shelter. 

Bible Way Baptist Church was founded in 1975 the church evolved since 2002 and have been quite radical as seen around the world through the leadership of Bishop Toris T. Young who has partners from the White House to the Poor House and has been meeting the needs of ordinary people no matter who they are. In 2002 when Bishop Young became the leader of Bible Way there was 35 active members and a former leader who had embezzled the church out of money and caused all types of legal harm. However, Bishop Young and his leadership re-organized the church government and put in place safeguards to allow Bible Way to prosper and to focus on the needs of the people it serves. As of today, Bible Way has over 1500 active members and an Episcopal board of not less than 21 directors to govern church affairs. Bible Way Baptist Church, when hurricane Katrina devastated its campus located at 2934 through 2940 Joliet Street, with 8915 South Claiborne Ave. and Apple and Cambronne Street properties all programs had to be moved to Canal Street such as the Educational Department, Computer Lab, Cafeteria Services, Children`s Department, Senior Programs, and Greater Bibleway Housing and Community Development Corp Jackson MS, Denver NC, and Baton Rouge. Bishop Young said, "we are determined to meet the needs of as many people as possible through this ministry no matter where they are located Bible Way Baptist Church will be there to serve". Bible Way Baptist Church has operations in multi-states and they are there to be a beacon of hope for many many years to come. Bishop Young said that many people are not going to return to a city like New Orleans with the many problems that exist and in order for a church to be relevant in New Orleans one must expand into other markets so that when future storms come and go there is a shelter in place around the country to serve those affected, Bible Way is doing just that.

Elder Joseph Tate, said, "Our doors are still open and will remain open even when we are not on Joliet Street we are in many places around the world doing what we do the best meeting the needs of people". However, we will return and when we do we will be bigger better stronger and able. Hurricane Katrina destroyed all of our buildings but it did not destroy our people. Bishop Young and the governing board has done a great job and responded to the needs of Bible Way.

Former president George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton appointment of former Labor Secretary Alexis Hermon who will be on hand at Bible Way Baptist Church services held in Houston TX and Atlanta GA, this Sunday at the 11:a.m. and 3:00 p.m. services to partner with Bible Way and provided victims with needed items which was donated to church members and to highlight the work Bible Way is doing.

The two public charities, William J. Clinton Foundation and the Greater Houston Community Foundation have been a great helping hand to Bible Way Baptist Church during this time of need said Marcus Alexander communications director for Bible Way Baptist Church.

President Bush asked the two former presidents to head the fund-raising imitative in early September. Former president Bush and Clinton had worked together before to raise funds for tsunami relief.

According to Lisa Prout secretary of Bible Way Baptist Church "The church has come a mighty long way since she joined in 2002 a short time once Bishop Young became the pastor, the church was going through some legal challenges caused by the former pastor and his children they had the church in court after stealing funds from Bible Way these people was ex-communicated and banned from the church for the remainder of there life, and the church has prospered and become relevant around the world".

U. S. Secretary of Commerce presented a check to Bible Way Baptist Church and reflected on all the great work the church has done in the community and around the world. As well Bishop Toris T. Young has been invited to the White House to have dinner and honored by President George W. Bush who has been a help to Bible Way Baptist Church through the many faith-based programs that Bible Way has offered over the years. Evans said it is necessary to make sure that Bible Way Baptist Church and Bishop Toris Young is helped in there hour`s of need do to all the hard work and the many lives they have helped over the years. An organization of this magnitude is a most in order to continue to help those who need help the most.

Bible Way Baptist Church, now have a church operation in the cities of Houston, Dallas, Atlanta

34th Secretary of the U.S. Department Of Commerce Partners with Bible Way Baptist Church

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